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We know that identifying our skin tone is a crucial step in choosing the most complementary makeup shades for our complexion.Photo Credit: Green Eyes To enhance green eyes, dab a bolder color on the center of the eyelid as a highlight.For green eye makeup, apply a golden cream base using a cream eyeshadow, like the Maybelline Bold Gold Color Tattoo Cream eyeshadow all over the lids and just short of the crease.Right eye shadow color and technique can help enhance the brown color of your eyes.Use a dark copper shade to extend the shadow upwards and darken the crease.

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Here is out list of some of the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes.

Consider eyeshadow palettes the Pokemon of beauty products: We have to have them all.

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To find what brings out hazel eyes, look at the flecks of color near the pupil.Another brand to consider...Make your eyes pop with the best eye makeup for blue-green, brown, blue and green eyes with jane iredale.

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The best matte eyeshadow palette varies depending on your fashion of the day and colour of the eyes.Make sure your lips are healthy and moisturized before applying the lipstick.In fact, learning what eye shadow best goes with hazel eyes leads most seekers to the MAC counter.A gilded shadow will add warmth and bring out any flecks in brown eyes.This eye color has the most color options when it comes to eye makeup.Although any shade at all is better than none, the right hues for your eye color are what you need to make your peepers pop.

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How to use the right colors to create your perfect makeup

Have you ever wondered what the best eyeshadow colors are to wear with your eye color.

Should you Match Your Eyeshadow to Your Eye Color?

Eyeshadow primers are the invisible secret to flawless eye makeup.Similar to gray eyes, hazel eyes can change depending on what color eyeshadow you use.

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At Summit Salon Academy, we have an obsession with eye makeup.

The mix of beige and caramel works beautifully with hazel eyes and it really highlights the green tint of your gorgeous hazel eyes.Try blending a deep plum around the eyes and then dotting a brighter.

Find out exactly what shades you should be using in your eyeshadow, based on your eye color.

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This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy.This smooth matte shade delivers the perfect universal hue and acts as a primer to keep your eye makeup in place.The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price.Before applying the eyeshadow, you should determine the dominant color in your eyes.

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Eye shadow should be in such that colors that will surely stand your eyes out elegantly and should also balance the other features of your face.For a complementary look for blue eyes, select shades from across the colour wheel in the realm of orange.Makeup for green eyes looks should be focused on enhancing your eye color with the use of complementary eye shadows and eyeliners.Picking out the best color eyeshadow to match your eyes can be challenging.

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